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Date: August 14, 2013
Subject: VOLT PAC Opposes SHSU Threat to Seize Private Property

The Voters for Lower Taxes Political Action Committee (VOLT PAC), a recently formed General Purpose Political Action Committee to provide a voice for the voters and taxpayers of Huntsville and Walker County, strongly opposes the threat by Sam Houston State University to condemn and seize by power of Eminent Domain  any property surrounding or property located within Walker County.  

The City of Huntsville and Walker County should  sell property to the highest competitive bidder. By so doing the taxpayers of Huntsville will benefit from the sales proceeds and the taxpayers of Huntsville, Walker County, HISD and the Hospital District will benefit from future property and sales taxes generated by this prime commercial property.

We urge all citizens of Huntsville and Walker County to join with us and other citizen groups that are coming together to oppose any unjustified property grab by the University. If they succeed in this action, no private property, residential or commercial, in the City or County will be safe from future seizure. Sam Houston Tea Party agrees that if one property is taken by eminent domain, other homeowners or businesses will be in jeopardy. 

Donna Pinon   
Chairman, VOLT PAC                                               
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State Senator, District  5
Dr. Charles Schwertner

Website: Click Here
Campaign:  512-299-5721

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Senator Schwertner's voting record 

March 2016 Primary

for Texas House of Representatives
 District  18

Contact Terry Holcomb at 281-622-1319

2014 Election Results:
Total Votes
Terry Holcomb Republican  5,275          38.16%
John Otto - Incumbent REP 8,547         61.83%

From Breitbart:            Top Reasons to Close the Border 

With thousands of illegal immigrant minors continuing to pour over America’s southern border, the same politicians are singing the same songs: we can’t close the border, we must pursue comprehensive immigration reform, we can only reach political consensus if we compromise on border enforcement. It’s all nonsense. As I’ve explained in this space, we could easily close the border if we had the political will to do so.
The lack of political will springs from a fundamental misunderstanding of the risks of mass illegal immigration – to immigrants, both legal and illegal, and to American citizens. Here, then, are the top reasons to close the border, and to close it forthwith:

Disease. America is now coping with diseases it believed it had eradicated, at least in part thanks to unrestricted immigration. In early June, ABC 15 in Arizona reported, “US Border Patrol agents are worried that what’s coming over into the US could harm everyone… Agents are worried about a viral outbreak.” According to Border Patrol Agent and Rio Grande Valley Union representative Chris Cabrera, agents are experiencing contagious outbreaks – and so-called quarantine areas are nothing of the sort, often separated from the general population by mere caution tape. “There’s been an outbreak of scabies that’s been going on for the past month,” Cabrera said. And it’s not just scabies, it’s chicken pox, MRSA, staph infections. The Department of Homeland Security will not allow media to speak with doctors and medical staff treating illegal immigrants. A health official told The Blaze, “There is really no hard stop at the border, and we have no idea health-wise what diseases are coming across.”

The Safety of US Citizens. Crafting a system in which American authorities have no idea who is in the country is a recipe for public safety disaster. Immigration and Customs Enforcement admits that in 2013, it released 36,007 convicted criminal aliens awaiting deportation outcomes, including immigrants responsible for homicides, sexual assaults, kidnapping, and other serious crimes. The CIS breaks it down: “193 homicide convictions (including one willful killing of a public official with gun); 426 sexual assault convictions; 303 kidnapping convictions; 1,075 aggravated assault convictions; 1,160 stolen vehicle convictions; 9,187 dangerous drug convictions; 16,070 drunk or drugged driving convictions; 303 flight escape convictions.” Meanwhile, ranchers along the southern border are victimized with impunity by drug cartels exploiting the open border.

The Safety of Illegal Immigrant Children. This new influx of illegal immigrant minors is unprecedented. Thousands of children, some as young as four years old, have been found crossing the border. Some have been found dead. Children are sometimes used by Mexican drug cartels, as well. While the Obama administration loudly proclaims that it doesn’t want children being sent through Mexico to the United States, they refuse to state that illegal immigrant minors will be deported. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson refused no less than six times on Sunday to say as much. Meanwhile, the Obama administration has already stated that it will not deport so-called DREAMers, illegal immigrants without felony records between the ages of 16 and 30.

The Threat of Terrorism. Both of our borders, northern and southern, are a source of anxiety with regard to terror. In 2011, a report from the Senate Homeland Security Committee found that the Canadian border gives “easy passage into America by extremists, terrorists and criminals whose purpose clearly is to harm the American people.” This month, Marine Corps General John Kelly, commander of US Southern Command, said that the southern border had become a “crime-terror convergence.” He explained, “All this corruption and violence is directly or indirectly due to the insatiable U.S. demand for drugs, particularly cocaine, heroin and now methamphetamines, all of which are produced in Latin America and smuggled into the U.S. along an incredibly efficient network along which anything — hundreds of tons of drugs, people, terrorists, potentially weapons of mass destruction or children — can travel, so long as they can pay the fare.”

Low-Wage US Workers Will Pay. Unions largely support illegal immigration, for three reasons: (1) they hope that illegal immigrants will one day vote, and vote for their political allies; (2) they understand that more illegal immigration means broader government, and government workers are more heavily unionized than private sector workers; and (3) they hope to legalize those illegal immigrants to force them into unions. Nonetheless, it is low-wage workers in the United States who pay the price for illegal immigration. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, virtually all of the net gain in jobs between 2000 and 2013 went to immigrants, either legal or illegal. Immigrants particularly made major strides in “building cleaning and maintenance and construction and extraction.”

The Taxpayers Will Pay. The illegal immigrants crossing America’s southern border are not villains. Most of them are likely looking for a place to work. But that doesn’t mean they’re not draws on public resources. Illegal immigrants have a poverty rate of 26 percent, twice that of the native-born. In Texas, CIS says that 58 percent of illegal households are on some form of welfare; that’s 55 percent in California. Taxpayers spend approximately $40 billion per year on education for illegal immigrants or their children. A huge majority of illegal immigrants don’t have health insurance, which means they take advantage of public services in some form or fashion. This isn’t about the intent of illegal immigrants, which may be great – they may be here to work, to contribute, to build a better life. But adding a huge pool of unskilled immigrants without legal working papers sets up a drain on the public dime.

Voter Fraud. The left dismisses the possibility of voter fraud while simultaneously declaring that voter ID is racist. But today’s decision from an Arizona court mandating that drivers’ licenses be distributed to illegal immigrants who will not be deported by the Obama administration puts us firmly on the road toward serious voter fraud.

American Culture Is Under Attack. This is not the fault of immigrants to America, who, like all previous generations of immigrants from a myriad of other countries (including my great-grandparents from Eastern Europe), would be willing to acculturate to the United States. This is the fault of the left, which has suggested that the melting pot ideal with unique American values is culturally imperialistic and patriarchal. The result is an increasingly fragmented nation.

Despite these grave threats to America, members of both parties continue to pretend that leaving the border open is a viable option – Republicans, because they are beholden to big businesses seeking cheap labor, and Democrats, because they wish to confiscate the wealth of citizens. But at this point, there is simply no excuse for not closing the border.

  Election Years for
 Texas and U.S. Representatives and Senators

Mid Term Elections Nov. 2014
Tex. House of Representatives
U.S. House of Representatives
U. S. Senator  (Cornyn)

Presidential Election Nov 2016 
Tex. House of Representatives
U.S. House of Representatives

Mid Term Elections Nov. 2018
Tex. House of Representatives
U.S. House of Representatives

Presidential Election Nov. 2020
Tex. House of Representatives
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senator  (Cruz)

Your VOICE NOW will be the future of Texas Education.   Contact Dan Patrick and tell him "NO" to Common Core and National Based Curriculums.  

Growing Rejection of Common Core

by Phyllis Schlafly
President & Founder of Eagle Forum

The most controversial issue in education today is clearly Common Core. It's being more hotly debated than bullying, zero tolerance, sex ed, abortion or even school lunches.

Common Core is the title of a new set of standards the Obama administration has been trying to force the states to use. Even before the standards were written, 45 states and the District of Columbia signed on, encouraged by inducements of federal funds. The principal outliers are Texas, Alaska, Nebraska and Virginia.

Now that parents and teachers are finding out what is commanded by Common Core State Standards and what is being taught by "Common Core-aligned" materials, moms and teachers are raising a ruckus, trying to get their respective states to repeal their involvement. Many are demanding that their state withdraw altogether from Common Core, principally because they believe it is a takeover by the Obama administration of all that kids are taught and not taught.

The backlash against Common Core has developed into a potent political force. About 100 bills have been introduced into various state legislatures to cancel, stop or slow down Common Core requirements.

Indiana broke the ice on March 23, becoming the first state to pass an anti-Common Core bill. It strikes out references to Common Core in the law and requires the state board of education to maintain Indiana's sovereignty while complying with federal standards.

When Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed this legislation that opted his state out of Common Core, he said, "I believe our students are best served when decisions about education are made at the state and local level."

The Indiana bill was introduced as a straight repeal of Common Core, but it ended up keeping so many Common Core requirements that its original sponsor, Sen. Scott Schneider, pulled his name off of it.

The game of some people, obviously, is to pass standards that are nearly identical to Common Core but under a different name, because the name itself has become toxic. And states are always solicitous to maintain their flow of federal funds, which the Obama administration uses as bribes or threats.

The second state that went public against Common Core was South Carolina. On May 30, Gov. Nikki Haley signed a bill abolishing Common Core standards in her state beginning in 2015.

Legislators were responding to constituent complaints that Common Core introduces frivolous and illogical teaching techniques to no apparent purpose while imposing new standards that are not meaningful improvements.
Common Core ends up being a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach.

Parents won a remarkable victory when the Oklahoma legislature repealed use of Common Core by the overwhelming bipartisan vote of 71-18 in the House and 31-10 in the Senate, and replaced it with academic standards written by state government officials. After receiving an estimated 20,000 phone calls in support of the repeal, Gov. Mary Fallin signed the repeal into law on June 5.

This law directs the Oklahoma State Board of Education to create new and more rigorous standards by August of 2015. The State Regents for Higher Education, the State Board of Career and Technology Education and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce will evaluate the newly written standards to make sure they truly make students "college- and career-ready."

Fallin's message in signing the repeal of Common Core was blunt in explaining what is wrong with the standards. She wrote: "President Obama and Washington bureaucrats have usurped Common Core in an attempt to influence state education standards. 

Common Core is now widely regarded as the President's plan to establish federal control of curricula, testing and teaching strategies."

Fallin's message reminded us, "Citizens, parents, educators and legislators ... have expressed fear that adopting Common Core gives up local control of Oklahoma's public schools." We congratulate Oklahoma's governor for having the courage to stop the well-financed plan to railroad Oklahoma's public schools into kowtowing to federal control.

From the start, Common Core has been ballyhooed as a state-led (not federal) initiative each state could voluntarily choose to adopt. But, as the governor wrote, "The words 'Common Core' in Oklahoma are now so divisive that they have become a distraction that interferes with our mission of providing the best education possible for our children."

Like most left-wingers, Education Secretary Arne Duncan played the race card (for which he later had to apologize) when was besieged on all sides by Common Core critics. He accused opponents of the program of just being "white suburban moms."

Duncan should have read The New York Times, which published a picture of both white and African-American moms protesting Common Core wearing signs that read, "My child is not common." Parents nationwide are saying no to Common Core.

Special Guest Speaker 

Tea Party  Meetings Are Open To The Public
Doors open at 6:15 p.m.
Programs begin at 6:45 with pledge and prayer
Speakers are from 7 pm to 8 pm 
(Times may vary with Speaker)
Refreshments are served before the program 
​To Volunteer: 


Monday, September 15, 2014
Rev. Rafael Cruz
Father of Senator Ted Cruz
Open Meeting with the Community
6:45 pm - 8:15 pm

Tuesday, September 16, 2014 
Pastor's Prayer Breakfast 
8:00-9:30 am
Who's Arriving on the NAFTA Train
by Phyllis Schlafly
Founder & President of Eagle Forum
Do you remember when President George W. Bush, in 2005, held a summit meeting with the "three amigos" to promote the free movement of people and goods across our borders with Canada and Mexico? The Council on Foreign Relations then spoke of "building a North American community" with a common "security perimeter" and "labor mobility" among our three countries.
Texas planned to build a massive North American Free Trade Agreement superhighway that would begin at its southern border with Mexico and eventually reach northern U.S. cities. The Kansas City Southern Railway bought a Mexican railroad and began branding it as the NAFTA railroad, with the goal of carrying Chinese products from Mexico's Pacific Port of Lazaro Cardenas all the way to Kansas City, Missouri.
The prospect of an economic union with Mexico, which could eventually become a North American Union modeled on the European Union, rightly alarmed many Americans. Texas Gov. Rick Perry was forced to abandon his NAFTA superhighway (TTC), and President Barack Obama quietly removed Bush's Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America from the White House website.
But the NAFTA railroad, now called the Kansas City Southern de Mexico, is up and running. Thanks to the exclusive reporting of Dr. Jerome Corsi at WorldNetDaily, we learn that this train is now playing a major role in bringing tens of thousands of young Central American immigrants into our country illegally.
Americans have been aghast at the sight of unending waves of people, ranging in age from babies in arms to tough, tattooed teenage men. The trip north is no joy ride: riding on the top of moving freight cars for hundreds of miles, preyed on by bandits. Those who take this harrowing trip call it "La Bestia" (the Beast) or the "Train of Death."
How were these desperately poor people able to travel the distance of more than a thousand miles from their homes in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to the U.S. border? The answer, apparently, is that they were allowed to hitch a ride on the NAFTA train that is owned and operated by an American company traded on the New York Stock Exchange, Kansas City Southern Rail Network.
Obama, predictably, is demanding that American taxpayers foot the monstrous bill. A mere billion dollars or two won't be enough. Obama's first demand is for $3.7 billion, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.
Considering all the entitlement programs these kids will eventually soak up, from public school education to medical care, this is easily a trillion-dollar problem.
American taxpayers will again be the ones left holding the bag. 
The unprecedented illegal immigration surge occurring at the Texas border has many grassroots activists and citizens concerned about the large influx of alien minors and adults flooding into our communities. Current holding facilities on the Texas border have been overwhelmed and this human tide is being shipped all over our State and across America. As we have seen, many other communities across America are rising up in protest as strangers without any ties to their cities, towns and neighborhoods are being dumped there by the Federal government. 
 Here in Texas, we have lived with this problem for decades. While we have had illegal alien minors in our schools since the 1980s, our Independent School Districts (ISDs) have never faced a strain on their resources like they are facing in the next school year and the one beyond. We have all seen the clusters of illegals queuing up for day labor jobs on street corners and quick markets. We have visited the crowded emergency rooms in our local hospitals as illegal aliens seek non-emergency medical treatment. And we have heard or experienced firsthand the horrors of the drug trade, crime and human sex trafficking resulting from unrestricted illegal aliens activity in our State.   However, all these problems pale with respect to the massive wave from Central America and China that is crashing upon our border. In other words, we haven’t seen anything yet!

Until the general public is made aware of the dangers facing our state and is sufficiently aroused to take action, the politicians will remain feckless and the crisis will continue to drag on until something vital in our culture and/or government breaks. Therefore, the answer is not with the politicians or even the activists who are pressing for real solutions.  

The answer is where it has always been…with the people!

Grassroots activists of all stripes SHOULD be attending every school board and PTA meeting, every city council and county commission meeting, and every State and Congressional town hall meeting to simply ask relevant questions and demand answers. 

However, before any activist stands up in a public meeting to address the Texas border crisis, they should take a minute before they begin asking questions to set a brief narrative that supports compassion yet frames the discussion in broader terms.  It is recommended that the following points be incorporated into a beginning narrative......

This document will provide a series of template questions that are loosely–based on the government entity for which they are expected to be asked. The government meetings the grassroots activists are encouraged to engage and ask questions related to the fallout resulting from the Texas border crisis are listed as follows:  

        1.City Councils and County Commissions
        2.ISD School Boards
        3.Congressional Town Halls (August Recess)

The Walker County Annex, 1301 Sam Houston Avenue, Room 101, Huntsville 
Requests for ballots by mail should be directed in writing to Dee Brimer at 1301 Sam Houston Avenue, Room 101, Huntsville, Texas 77340. Requests for ballots by mail must be received no later than October 24, 2014 before the close of business and received no earlier than September 5, 2014.
Monday, October 20 - October 31, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on each day that is not Sat. or Sun. 

Tuesday, Oct. 21 and Oct. 28  from 
7:00 am to 7:00 pm

 Saturday, Oct. 25 and Sunday, Oct 26  from 
1:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m.
Texas Representative, 
John Otto
District 18 is three counties -
Liberty, San Jacinto & Walker Counties 

John Otto John Otto lives in Cleveland, Liberty County
Click Here for Vote Smart to see the Voting Records  for John Otto 
Empower Texas's 2013  Fiscal 
 Responsibility Scores for John Otto dropped from a Scores from a 
C to a F

Click here for Bills and Scores

The citizens in Liberty, San Jacinto, and Walker Counties (House District 18) don’t have a voice in Austin either. Their representative (John Otto) has demonstrated that he is working for someone else. Considering our founders fought a war over taxation without representation, it may be high time for a revolution in District 18.  

 Also, Mr. Otto now owns a year round condominium in Austin and vacations (with wife) in Jackson Hole, Wy. 
and Canada at his lobby's expense. 

Maybe that is why John Otto, the Vice-Chairman of the tax-raising Ways and Means Committee and a powerful Appropriations subcommittee Chairman was instrumental in increasing session-to-session spending during the 83rd Texas Legislature by 26.9%. 

  M. Quinn, Founder Empower Texans
A 2013 study by Rice University found that John Otto was the seventh-lowest ranked Republican in the Texas House. That should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with his voting record. 
John Otto, who was the Vice-Chairman of the tax-raising Ways and Means Committee and powerful Appropriations subcommittee Chairman was instrumental in increasing session-to-session spending during the 83rd Texas Legislature by 26.9%. 

March 2016 Primary 

Craig McMichael 
 for U.S. House of Representatives, Dist. 8 

Phone Contact: 
Website Click Here
Facebook Click Here 

2014 Election Results: 

U. S. Representative
 District 8

 Early Voting 
Kevin Brady - Incumbent 23,185           67.58%
Craig McMichael  
 11,122          32.41%

  Total Votes 
Kevin Brady - Incumbent
41,549          68.04%
Craig McMichael  
19,508           31.95

   Click on the tab  LOCAL  
  for information about the
​   Walker County community

Click here for more information

​Walker County Election Officer    
Contact: Diana McRae County Voter Registration/
Elections Department     
(936) 436-4959
Sam Houston Tea Party 
OCTOBER 13, 2014  
 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.    

Doors open to the public at  6:15 p.m.
Don Johnson and Karl Davidson, 
Keith Olson and Kendall Scudder

 E. Don and Katy Walker Education Center, 1402 19th Street, Huntsville, Tx 


Walker County
Walker County Commissioner's Court, Room
Meets on  2nd and 4th Mondays at 8:00 am    
Click here for the  AGENDA
Judge Danny Pierce
Contact: Sherry Pegoda, Secretary(936) 436-4910
Vehicle Registrations   (936) 436-4959

City of Huntsville
City Council meets on 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 6:00 pm Click here for the AGENDA 
Mayor:  Mac Woodward
Contact: Lee Woodward, City Secretary (936) 291-5403

Huntsville Independent School District
School Board meets 3rd Thursday 6pm 
Click here for the AGENDA
Contact: Sherry Odom, Secretary to the Superintendent  
(936) 435-6306
City of New Waverly
Contact: Rosemary Bartee, City Secretary
(936) 344-6621

New Waverly Independent School District
Contact: Edith Bahner, 
Secretary to the Superintendent
(936) 344-6751

City of Riverside
Contact: Joan Harvey, City Secretary
(936) 594-2520

Richards Independent School District
Contact: Martey Ainsworth, Superintendent
(936) 851-2180

Walker County Hospital District
Contact: Keli Molina, Secretary
(936) 295-0038
Sam Houston Tea Party shares the community's concerns about the Agenda 21 based funds from non-governmental agencies such as the  Houston-Galveston Area Council (See LOCAL) and the Huntsville ISD's continued failure of our students due to the use of the T***** curriculum (CSCOPE/ Common Core) that is ill founded and has not been approved by the Texas Education Agency (See EDUCATION).   
Sam Houston Tea Party along with VOLT (Voters for Lower Taxes) are appalled that the Walker County Commissioner's Court ,the City of Huntsville and Huntsville ISD are not responsible managers of the tax-payer's funds and give a deaf ear to the citizens of Walker County.

Click here for more information    
Sam Houston Tea Party encourages citizen to BE INFORMED, RESEARCH CANDIDATES then VOTE. Go see the incumbents in action. Attend candidate forums. See  the candidate's website for their platform and then research their voting records -MegaVote and SMART VOTE .  Use searches on the internet for news, articles and media/YouTube coverage.  Join  with like-minded citizens to form a coalition to advocate for and vote for the constitutional, conservative candidate.  

 Sam Houston Tea Party supports education that is built on sound theories of teaching methods, proven content that is developmental and accurate and classroom discipline that supports the student with sound teaching methods, proven content that is developmental and accurate and classroom discipline that supports the student with a positive environment for learning life skills.       We support public schools, private and faith-based education, home schooling and learning through on-line resources.   School choice lies with informed parents and their children.
This Section is 

Click here for schools other than Huntsville ISD  

Private - No Tuition 

Private - Tuition

Education: On-Line School
“5 Myths About Virtual Schools” 
​To help you determine if this is the right choice for your family-and to uncover some of the most common misconceptions about online school-read the brief blog article.  You may want to copy and forward this article to other family members! 

Education On-line    No Tuition 

Education On-line    Tuition  

 "The simple truth is that we've lost control of our own borders, and no Nation can do that and survive." -- Ronald Reagan

Crisis on the Border - What Can We Do?

The answer is where it has always been…with the people!

Grassroots activists of all stripes SHOULD be attending every school board and PTA meeting, every city council and county commission meeting, and every State and Congressional town hall meeting to simply ask relevant questions and demand answers.  They they should take a minute before they begin asking questions to set a brief narrative that supports compassion yet frames the discussion in broader terms.  

It is recommended that the following points be incorporated into a beginning narrative. This document will provide a series of template questions that are loosely–based on the government entity for which they are expected to be asked. The government meetings the grassroots activists are encouraged to engage and ask questions related to the fallout resulting from the Texas border crisis are listed as follows:  

  1. City Councils and County Commissions
  2. ISD School Boards
  3. Congressional Town Halls (August Recess)

(Not linked yet-  visit again    LT  8/27)
Click here for the questions to ask
Top Reasons to Close the Border    Brietbart 

With thousands of illegal immigrant minors continuing to pour over America’s southern border, the same politicians are singing the same songs: we can’t close the border, we must pursue comprehensive immigration reform, we can only reach political consensus if we compromise on border enforcement.              It's all nonsense.  

Disease, Safety of U.S. Citizens, Safety of Illegal Immigrant  children, Threat of Terrorism, Low-Wage US Workers Will Pay, The Taxpayers Will Pay, Voter Fraud, American Culture Is Under Attack. 
Click here for more detail discussion of top reasons......

​Despite these grave threats to America, members of both parties continue to pretend that leaving the border open is a viable option – Republicans, because they are beholden to big businesses seeking cheap labor, and Democrats, because they wish to confiscate the wealth of citizens. But at this point, there is simply no excuse for not closing the border.
The Remembrance Project

The Remembrance Project, a 501(c)3 non-profit, was created in 2009 to honor and remember Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens.                       

Reverend Rafael Cruz
Father of Texas Senator Ted Cruz
Monday, September 15, 2014 
6:45 P.M. - 8:15 P.M.
H.E.A.R.T.S. Veteran's Conference Center 
455 State Highway 75 North 
Huntsville, Texas 77320

Doors open to the public at 6:00 P.M.

Rev. Cruz will speak about his youth in Cuba and his escape to the United States. He will share amazing stories of his growth as an American patriot and the foundation set for his son, Senator Ted Cruz. He is clear in his message about the immediate challenges for ALL citizens to stand 
strong for America.  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Prayer Breakfast with Pastors 
8:00- 9:30 A.M.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Dennis Michael Lynch, the Director of acclaimed films 
                     THEY COME TO AMERICA I & II
 is now touring America with a presentation based off his recent film, WE RIDE TO DC.    Lynch delivers breath taking visuals and powerful insights concerning the biggest issues facing our nation, including the IRS, Benghazi, immigration, unemployment, veteran affairs and much more.  Often seen on FOX NEWS CHANNEL, and heard on countless radio stations each week, Lynch has built an enviable reputation for his unbridled patriotism. Join him for an evening that is as educational and enlightening as it is emotional and entertaining. 
Fighting for America Tour 2014
Monday, Sept. 29  
Dennis Michael Lynch - DML
Hosted by Texas Patriots PAC
The Woodlands 

Ticket Information will be linked to Texas Patriots PAC when available 

DML films are not available in theaters, only on DVD

Change of   Host  &   Location
Texas Patriots PAC
The Woodlands
Texas America Tour 2014
Monday, September 29
Dennis Michael Lynch
Patriot and Film Maker

  FAIR ON THE SQUARE  Sat., October 4, 2014
 SHTP Booth on 12th Street near Ernst Jewelry 

Click here for more information    EDUCATION

Interactive: The Age Divide of Texas Cities 
(click on the map and pull down until you see 
Walker County)​

Sam Houston National Forest 
Sam Houston State Univ. 
Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice
Education Is For All of Us          Sam Houston Tea Party supports the Constitution, the Foundations of Faith and the reality of American Exceptionalism and will not support any local or national governmental system, teaching method or curriculum that is not built on that base.     For our community and country to survive and thrive, our citizens and children must be educated with facts, not indoctrinated with incorrect and false concepts and the progressive "everyone deserves a trophy" theory of learning and living.  We encourage you to refresh or extend your understanding of the Constitution and the history behind each word and phrase. To help us all be better stewards of the Founding Documents, we have chosen an exceptional teacher:

KrisAnne Hall is an attorney and former prosecutor, fired after teaching the Constitution to TEA Party groups – she would not sacrifice liberty for a paycheck. She is a disabled veteran of the US Army, a Russian linguist, a mother, a pastor’s wife and a patriot. She now travels the country and teaches the Constitution and the history that gave us our founding documents.

 KrisAnne Hall does not just teach the Constitution, she lays the foundations that show how reliable and relevant our founding documents are today. She presents the “genealogy” of the Constitution – the 700 year history and five foundational documents that are the very roots of American Liberty. 
KrisAnne Hall
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We Will Not Conform Action Plan
This plan is everything you want to know about Common Core.   Read the 39 page Action Plan   (PDF)
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Texas Eagle Forum  
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#CANiSEE what my child will learn in school this year? #CANiSEE who will be in my child's classroom?

Congress will vote on the $659 million supplemental border bill tomorrow before they leave town for their vacation.  (July 30, 2014)

Most of this money must be spent by September 30th 2014, which is the end of the fiscal year.

It will amend the 2008 human trafficking law, but
it does not cut off funds for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or Daca the memorandum authored by the Obama administration in 2012. which a lot of people blame for the surge in illegal immigration. This is why your Congressman needs to vote no on this bill. 

Breakdown of where the money is going:
$405 million to the Department of Homeland Security-personnel costs and some to reimburse States for cost of illegal immigration.
$35 million for doubling the National Guard on the border.
$22 million for hiring temporary Immigration Judges.
$197 million for the Department of Health and Human Services to house illegal aliens
$40 million for the Governments of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador to help with repatriation efforts as long as they help stem the flow of their citizens coming to the U.S.
Executive Order 13618 - Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions   (July 6, 2012)

Section 1. Policy. The Federal Government must have the ability to communicate at all times and under all circumstances to carry out its most critical and time sensitive missions. Survivable, resilient, enduring, and effective communications, both domestic and international, are essential to enable the executive branch to communicate within itself and with: the legislative and judicial branches; State, local, territorial, and tribal governments; private sector entities; and the public, allies, and other nations. Such communications must be possible under all circumstances to ensure national security, effectively manage emergencies, and improve national resilience. The views of all levels of government, the private and nonprofit sectors, and the public must inform the development of national security and emergency preparedness (NS/EP) communications policies, programs, and capabilities. 
           Read the complete Executive Order 13618 here....
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 Red Hot Conservative 
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Women On the Wall
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This site reports on the National impact of the  Common Core curriculum and focus on changing the heritage and history of our country.
 Red Hot Conservative 
 This site covers Texas schools and National educational initiatives that are progressive and a threat to our children and country.
See pipeline resources in the left hand column
For more information on the concerns related to the three pipelines see the following resources: rights 

 For information call: 936-395-0728 
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   Texas Landowner's Bill of Rights -TLBOR

"Furthermore, pipeline companies are under no obligation to tell landowners what is being transported, much less to disclose the risks of these substances to their land, their homes and their water.

We believe that holding public hearings would underscore the importance of amending theTLBOR – which not only demands legislative leadership but citizen action
Smart Meters

Information in this section has been taken from newsletters from the We the People Are the 9-12 Association in Houston. This group was founded by Thelma Taormina and she and her husband Nick have been fighting the installation of  Smart Meters on Texas homes for years.  

"Opting out does not require a meter reader, and need not be a financial burden. As has been done in many other cases, the TDUs could transmit electric consumption over existing phone lines or power lines, which would also be much more secure than wireless transmissions and much safer by eliminating RF exposure. In fact, in many cases this landline technology is what was removed from a house when the Smart Meter was installed. Additionally, many remote or rural customers are self reporting. This method could be offered to those who choose to opt out, as well as potentially an option to go online and input one’s meter readings onto a webpage would be easy to set up and run. "

As you know, Nick and I were in Austin Monday, February 10, 2014. I sadly report that Nick and I were the only ones to speak at the public hearing for project number 42029, which relates directly to the rule they will write relating to who the Transmission and Distribution Companies, not to mention the Retail Electric Provider (your billing company) can share your personal information with.

If we cannot find a way to get more people to attend these public hearings and actually speak up to stop the theft of our freedom by these bureaucrats, then we only have ourselves to blame when we no longer have access to the electricity produced by our own state and country. They have finally figured out how they can reduce your energy use without them even having to contact you or let you know they are reducing it. They will have their CONTROL whether you like it or not!


I know there was an article on Breitbart this week about the meeting with Lt. Governor Dewhurst, the PUCT and Texans Against Smart Meters. From that meeting, the Lt. Governor has called for interim charges and a health study on the meters. This is great news, but studies are simply opinions of whoever is doing the study and we will have no control over who is picked for the study. I will leave it at that.

What I do know is that David Dewhurst is actually on OUR SIDE. I personally spoke with him last year at a meeting with other grassroots leaders and in front of all of them I outright asked him about us being charged to opt-out, and at that time he said that as far as he was concerned we would not be charged. But the truth is, he is only one man in Austin. You can and should send thanks to several Democrat AND Republican State Senators for NOT getting a bill passed this last session (yes, a bit of sarcasm)! A bill was written and passed out of committee that would prevent the power companies for charging the fees, BUT the Senators would not bring it to the floor for a vote. The House Reps did NOTHING.

In The News (you might have missed)!

San Antonio, TX - Jan. 25-30, 2014  there was a convention held called "DistribuTECH" and it all revolved around the Energy Sector, specifically focusing on the smart grid, meters and of course "Climate Change". All the major players were there! One specific article really concerns me about a report that just came out.

The report was put out by an organization called "The Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC)". The name of this organization is deceptive because it is made up of industry personnel. What is even worse is, Christine Wright (a lead staffer at the Texas Public Utility Commission) sits on the Board of Directors for this organization. Here is the main staff person who is drafting all of the rules surrounding the Smart Grid and Smart Meters sitting on a Board with industry personnel and creating reports skewed to make it seem as if consumers are totally on board with what is happening within the electric industry!

Farm Bureau  
Water and the EPA  March 26, 2014
Proposal required 90 comment period until June 2014 
The Environmental Protection Agency has come up with a way to execute one of the biggest land grabs by the federal government ever perpetrated on the American public. On Tuesday, the EPA proposed a change to the Clean Water Act so that the EPA would have the power to regulate temporary wetlands and waterways. 

The land grab engendered tremendous concern from members of the GOP trying to protect private property; they noted that the EPA would gain power over seasonal ponds, streams and ditches. 
Louisiana Sen. David Vitter, the top Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, charged, "The ... rule may be one of the most significant private property grabs in U.S. history." He stated that the EPA was "picking and choosing" its science while trying to "take another step toward outright permitting authority over virtually any wet area in the country." Vitter also noted that if the EPA gets its way, more environmental groups could sue private property owners. 
Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, was also furious, saying that the EPA grab "could result in serious collateral damage to our economy … [I]t appears that the EPA is seeking to dramatically expand its jurisdictional reach under the Clean Water Act." She added of her home state, "If EPA is not careful, this rule could effectively give the federal government control of nearly all of our state -- and prove to be a showstopper for both traditional access and new development." 
The EPA proposal to more widely implement pollution regulations would affect “intermittent and ephemeral streams and wetlands” whose water comes from wet seasons or rains but are temporary. 
The crux of the matter is what defines the "waters of the United States." The Supreme Court has ruled that the federal government could only touch waters that are "relatively" permanent or continuously flowing and large, such as "oceans, rivers, streams and lakes." The EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers defended the new rules by asserting on Tuesday that determining Clean Water Act protection had become "confusing and complex." The agencies jointly stated, “For nearly a decade, members of Congress, state and local officials, industry, agriculture, environmental groups, and the public asked for a rulemaking to provide clarity." The agencies also insisted that the waters newly targeted "form the foundation of the nation's water resources" and protested that the federal government would not truly be extending their reach. 
EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy stated, "To be clear, our proposal does not add to or expand the scope of the waters historically protected under the Clean Water Act." The EPA also asserted that roughly 60 percent of American "stream miles" may only flow seasonally or flow after a significant rain, but those “stream miles” do have a "considerable impact" on downstream waters. The EPA noted that roughly 117 million Americans, drink water that comes from such streams. 
The EPA proposal now faces a 90-day comment period; federal officials have pontificated that they will consult the public about their reaction to the proposed changes before they “shape a final rule."           
Water Fight Ends In Ranchers' Favor       Property owners allowed to pump out as much as they want
By Matthew Tresaugue  Published in Houston Chronicle Jan. 23, 2014 

A Houston company has dropped its plans to tap an aquifer beneath mostly rural Austin and Waller counties for use in fast-growing Fort Bend County suburbs, ending one of Texas' nastiest water fights.
Electro Purification LLC's withdrawal this week, however, does not put to rest the primary reason for the conflict: the unique way Texas governs groundwater. State law allows property owners to pump as much water from beneath their land as they desire, for any purpose. 
Farmers, ranchers and others said the company's pumping request would rob them of water beneath their land and harm their livelihoods. Now they intend to press forward on policy changes to prevent "water grabs" in the future. 
"We are going to go on the offensive because there isn't anything (in state law) stopping the next water grab or the one after that," said Tom Sherman, an Austin County resident who organized Concerned Citizens for Texas Water Resources, a group that opposed the pumping plan. "This is a quasi-small victory."
Groundwater fights have become increasingly common across the drought-prone state as water marketers and utilities work feverishly to secure large volumes beneath rural areas to meet urban demands. In one of the higher-profile cases, a Central Texas groundwater district last week decided to limit the amount of water that could be pumped and moved across county lines - a ruling that appears headed to court.
Electro Purification had asked for the right to pump 22,500 acre-feet of water per year from an aquifer - essentially an underground reservoir - beneath some sparsely populated ranch and farming land and send it by pipeline about 25 miles to Richmond and Rosenberg. An acre-foot is roughly equal to the amount of water three typical Texas households use in a year.
Read more...........
​Arlington, Texas
 We Become the Media  
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This section is under construction - links are not in place.  Please visit again    LT  8/27
​Is The EPA Preparing For A Massive Private Land Grab?
08/28/2014                                      Michael Bastasch

Republicans are accusing the Environmental Protection Agency of preparing to take control over vast swaths of land under the guise of protecting the country’s water resources. Lawmakers warn this could erode private property rights.
The EPA has consistently denied they are trying to use the Clean Water Act to expand their regulatory reach, but Republicans say they have a smoking gun that shows the agency is up to something.
Their proof? The EPA paid private contractors to assemble detailed maps of waterways and wetlands in all 50 states. The EPA maps were made in 2013, shortly after the agency proposed expanding its authority under the Clean Water Act. The maps were kept secret by the agency, but were obtained by Republicans on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.
“These maps show the EPA’s plan: to control a huge amount of private property across the country,” Rep. Lamar Smith, the science committee’s chairman, wrote in a letter to the EPA demanding more answers on why they have a detailed map of U.S. waterways.
“Given the astonishing picture they paint, I understand the EPA’s desire to minimize the importance of these maps,” wrote Smith, a Texas Republican. “But the EPA’s posturing cannot explain away the alarming content of these documents.”
But the EPA has denied the maps were made in preparation for a massive regulatory expansion. The agency says the maps were in fact first created during the Bush administration to identify “waters that would be vulnerable” in the wake of a 2001 Supreme Court case. The agency said the maps were updated again after a 2006 Supreme Court decision on EPA water authority.
“Let us be very clear – these maps have nothing to do with EPA’s proposed rule or any other regulatory purpose,” an EPA spokeswoman told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “EPA’s proposed rulemaking was initiated as a result of these Supreme Court cases, and seeks to protect only those waters that significantly impact health and quality of downstream waters used by America’s communities, farms and businesses for drinking, recreation, and a healthy economy.”
But Smith says the EPA has not explained why it used taxpayer dollars to pay for maps they don’t plan to use in its regulatory scheme.

“The EPA’s job is to regulate. The maps must have been created with this purpose in mind,” Smith wrote to the agency.

The fight over EPA’s water authority began last year when the agency proposed to expand the definition of “waters of the United States” — thus expanding their regulatory jurisdiction. Environmentalists and the EPA said the rule was necessary to protect U.S. waters from pollution.
Republicans, on the other hand, saw it as a massive land grab waiting to happen based on cherry-picked science.
“The ‘waters of the U.S.’ rule may be one of the most significant private property grabs in U.S. history,” said Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter in a statement from March. “Today’s rule also shows EPA picking and choosing the science they use. Peer review of the agency’s connectivity report is far from complete, and yet they want to take another step toward outright permitting authority over virtually any wet area in the country, while at the same time providing a new tool for environmental groups to sue private property owners.”
In its draft water rule, the EPA says that bodies of water could be federally regulated if they have a “significant nexus” to a “traditional navigable water, interstate water, or the territorial seas” — a vague and unclear definition of its regulatory reach. The EPA has assured lawmakers it would define “significant nexus” in future proposals.
Republicans have been trying to pry more information regarding the proposed rule from the EPA, which culminated in Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe agreeing to release previously secret water maps when pressed about the issue during a House hearing in July.
“It’s time to give Americans a chance to make up their own minds about the EPA’s intentions,” Smith wrote to the EPA. “While the agency marches forward with a rule that could fundamentally re-define Americans’ private property rights, the EPA kept these maps hidden.”

Maps were kept hidden......
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